The Ram ProMaster City Gives You the Durability You Expect

Do you want the next vehicle you purchase to be highly durable so that you and your passengers can stay even safer? The Ram ProMaster City is a popular cargo van and passenger wagon that’s known as much for its durability as it is for its versatility.

Every Ram ProMaster City that we have here at ALL STAR DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP RAM that’s ready to be test driven is built with a reinforced structure for maximum durability. The structure also includes active and passive safety features that will help protect everyone inside the vehicle from injuries if you get into an accident. Crush zones have been added to further reduce risks of bodily.

The vehicle also comes with seven airbags to supply more cushioning in the event of a crash. Whether the accident occurs while you’re driving at freeway speeds or at lower speeds through the streets of Denham Springs, the airbags will deploy to shield everyone inside the vehicle from any blunt-force trauma.



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